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Obscure 2: The Aftermath was developped at Hydravision Entertainment (defunct in 2013) and is the sequel of Obscure, the first survival horror game based on teen horror movies.

I was responsible of the look of many of the levels, building spooky and realistic environments according to the art direction previously established.

Environment artists had a lot of freedom in the creation of the levels and it often meant that we had to take the level from paper design to completion, including all the steps in-between: reference gathering, level design, modeling, texturing, lighting, collisions, rigid bodies animations, and in some cases scripting.

The main challenge here was to keep the backgrounds as realistic as possible without losing sight of the technical limitations of the PS2. We had a hard limit of 25000 polygons max per level and we were working with 4bits textures on that project...The harsh realities of working on console!

Trivia: the game was actually nearly completed in late 2005 but sadly wasn't published until 2007 because of copyright issues. (when the X360 and PS3 were already well installed)

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  Thibault Courbet Portfolio: Level Designer, Level Artist, Environment Artist