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Room Collapsing
Corridor Collapsing
Facade Collapsing
Pick-up crash
Car Crash
Ground Collapsing

Developed by Eden Games for Xbox360 and PS3, Alone in the Dark 5 is the sequel of the very well known AAA licence.

We were to do the PS2 and Wii adaptation of the next-gen version. We faced a big technical challenge on this project since the game is located mostly in the heart of New York, meaning huge open environments, lots of details and vegetation, and for a PS2 it was definitely quite an undertaking...

I once again focused mostly on environments (modeling, texturing and lighting) , and a big part of my time was also spent doing animations for breakables (buildings collapsing, rooms breaking down, etc...). Another hurdle was that we had to build the game with very very few concept arts, even less sources and we often had to guess and design ourselves.

Central Park was created by building blocs of 128m*128m and streaming them. Also, the PS2 making it impossible to have any proper shaders, we often had to bake fake normal and specular highlights on walls and props.

  Thibault Courbet Portfolio: Level Designer, Level Artist, Environment Artist