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You will find here a few projects I've worked on either on my free time or in-between work projects.
I will update every once in a while if I end up creating new material if time is here and motivation kicks in :)

"Deadflesh" (2004) is the codename of a PS2 demo we made based on the universe of zombies movies. It was supposed to be a very arcade beat'em all kind of game. We made that demo before zombies became so hip and fashionable :)
I was the lead environment artist on this demo, ensuring the graphical coherence of the environments and keeping the realistic feel. The demo took place in the world in the hands of the brain-eating zombies...whooooo...
The demo never lead to a full game unfortunately, but was great fun to work on!

"La ligne de vie" (2005) is a short movie I've worked on (1 month project) with a few friends for the film festival "Le film à 9,99€". The imposed theme was "The Phone". The scenario and direction is from Bruno Marion and there were three of us on the 3d effects and compositing. (Benjamin Lucas, Jerome Camprasse and myself). Overall we were not entirely satisfied with the final result, but we still eventually managed to win the contest in Lille and ended up finishing 3rd nationwide.

Various Unity Assets (2016) Made couple of assets for the Unity Asset Store for fun, to try out the process, to work on (somewhat) realistic detailed models and because a bit of extra income never hurts...!

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