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Obscure is a 3rd person survival horror game inspired by teen horror movies. This was also my very first released title. Developed at Hydravision Entertainment, the title took a little more than 2 years to develop and being made by a small tight team, that meant I got the chance to work on a lot of different areas.

I was in charge moslty of 3D real-time backgrounds, of fx and of some of the 2d interfacescg renders and even lip-syncing and some events animations.

I learnt a lot during the process and still hold very fond memories of the effort and time we put in this project. It's interesting to see that in Alan Wake, nearly 6 years later, Remedy used (and improved obviously) a few of the mechanics we designed at the time.

The game brought a nice wind of freshness in the universe of horror games for its B take on the genre and was generally critically acclaimed.

Fun fact: I strangely ended up writing the first draft of the booklet shipped with the game :)

  Thibault Courbet Portfolio: Level Designer, Level Artist, Environment Artist