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Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is the first project I got to work on for Starbreeze after joining their team at the end of 2006. Dark Athena is the follow up of the acclaimed First Person game Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay.

During the course of the project, I worked on 3 major parts:
- Revamp of the old campaign
- Multiplayer level design and art
- Single Player level design and art

After working for a few months revamping the old campaign levels, I moved on to multiplayer where I designed and built a few Arena, Team Deathmatch and Butcher Bay Riot levels.

I then focused mostly on the single player campaign and ended up working on 5 unique levels from the white box version to the final version (including lighting, occluders, collisions, etc...). The engine being a very old school BSP based engine, everything had to be built in brushes except for the most organic models.
The levels I worked on were:
- Crewquarters
- Dronemile
- Executives
- Bazaar
- Crashsite

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  Thibault Courbet Portfolio: Level Designer, Level Artist, Environment Artist