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- Chinatown: 2nd Vertical Slice (never released)


Syndicate is a FPS reimagining of the acclaimed Bullfrog game from the mid 90s.

This was not an easy project. I began working on it early 2008 and stayed on the project until I left Starbreeze in mid 2011 (roughly 6 months before completion) and I was part of all the CxPs (=Core X Playable, EA's version of a vertical slice).
The project was difficult in the sense that it went through about 5 resets (the fault lies both internally and on the publisher side) and gameplay, story and art changed tremendously during the years.

During the whole time I was acting as Lead Level Artist, working on walkthroughs, layouts, various vertical slices, press demos, tech and tools management and striving to keep some coherence between the levels. There were up to 6 pods working on 6 different levels at the same time.

Also worth mentioning that all level design/art was done in BSP, probably making Syndicate one of the last full bsp games :)

The levels I was directly responsible of in the final version of the game are:
- Milestone 2: Executive Search (walkthrough, level design, art, optim, 1st pass of tech and lighting used in the press demo)
- Milestone 3: Executive Search 2 (just worked on the walkthrough and some of the level design)
- Milestone 7-8: Voyeur Central (latest CxP, I worked on walkthrough, level design, art, lighting, tech, etc...)
- Milestone 12: Downzone (that level changed a lot after I left, but some level design and mostly art have been used)

Disclaimer! The screenshots here are all representative of my version of the levels = in the state I left them. Some may have changed or have been rebuilt somewhat before release.
Also, I did not agree with the lighting (and mostly bloom) choices in the released version of the game and the screenshots here show the state of the lighting prior to my departure from Starbreeze.


  Thibault Courbet Portfolio: Level Designer, Level Artist, Environment Artist